Coping with a COVID-19 Christmas

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What Is Nitrous Oxide?

This drug is NO laughing matter!

Nitrous Oxide is a very dangerous colourless gas, even fatal when inhaled directly from the canister. Taking Nitrous Oxide poses the risk of falling unconscious and/or suffocating from lack of oxygen. It is classed as a psychoactive drug and it may be possible to become psychologically dependent on this drug.

Empty Nitrous Oxide gas canisters are being found in your local communities, discarded in parks and at the roadside. If you know of anyone that may be using Nitrous Oxide or are concerned that your child might have come in contact with it, please educate them and encourage them to stop immediately.

You may just be a life saver!


Preparing Your Child For The Return To School

Family Support Hotline Service

Monday & Thursdays

If you have concerns, need advice, or have questions about your child/family, contact and speak to Rebecca, our Family Support Worker.

Remember, during this time no question is too big or small.

You can contact Rebecca through text message, phone call or whats-app 0860238143 or Email;

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